Customer satisfaction drives our shipping process

Full cartons are stamped with a serialized barcode for traceability and a conveyance system scans barcodes for correct sortation. Robotic palletizers gently stack cases on pallets, which are stretch-wrapped. Fruit is stored in a rack system that leaves air gaps for proper airflow and temperature management.

Quality Control

Forklifts are fitted with computers and barcode scanners to track movement of goods throughout the warehouse and ensure the proper fruit is selected for each order. Quality control inspectors verify grading standards by inspecting random cases before loading.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our sales team has one goal — to exceed our client’s expectations. Their expertise and knowledge make them an invaluable resource to our valued partners.

We work closely with our production lines to ensure we meet the client’s standards, and when special packaging or shipping requirements are needed, we are flexible and resourceful.